Judging Rubric


Hypothesis, Goals and Background

●     Background information is relevant and well summarized.

●     Rationale is well explained with reference to literature and/or prior work.

●     Hypothesis/Goal is relevant, clear and concise.


        1           2           3          4        5

Methods and Results

●     Methods are well described and justified.

●     Metrics/design parameters are clearly stated, quantifiable and justified.

●     Presentation of results is clear, logical and thorough.

●     Results are well interpreted and relate to goal of the project.

         1           2           3           4         5


●     Conclusions are stated and supported with evidence.

●     Connections between conclusions and project goals are addressed.

●     Relevance of the project and results are discussed in a wider context.

       1           2           3           4         5


●     Verbal Communication is clear, with appropriate pace and volume.

●     Eye contact and body language is used effectively to communicate with the audience.

●     Confidence portrayed by the presenter.

●     Effective use of time to balance between details and bigger picture.


1           2           3           4          5


  • Layout is well organized and the background is not obtrusive.
  • Figures and Tables are used appropriately to improve understanding.
  • Text is clear and concise. Text supports visuals

         1           2           3           4         5

Questions and Answers Period

    Knowledge about the topic demonstrated

    Responses are specific and concise

    Professionalism is displayed in admitting to the limitations of the project / experiment / knowledge if applicable.

          1           2           3           4          5

Podium Presentation Details & Schedule

Podium presentations are 8-10 minutes long, followed by a 3-minute Q&A. You are free to incorporate videos/gifs/audio files in your slides. However, by allowing these files in your presentations, we will require all the students doing podium presentations to bring your slides to the conference on your own USB drives on August 15th.Meanwhile, you no longer need to submit your presentation slides to us. We will NOT be providing USB drives and we will NOT have your slides on hand on conference day. You will load your slides at the beginning of the time slot allocated to you on the schedules sent to you. To ensure your slides will show properly, we are hosting a testing session on August 14th in one of the presentation rooms in Bahen Center for Information Technology (BA). All figures not created by the presenter(s) must be sourced.

Poster Presentation Details & Schedule

Poster presentations will be 5-6 minutes long, followed by a 3-minute Q&A. Our poster boards (therefore, your poster) are 3-foot tall and 6-foot wide. Your poster must be printed in one piece and only one poster is admissible per abstract. All figures not created by the presenter(s) must be sourced. Furthermore, UnERD has partnered up with UTposter, a local poster printing service provider. Enter the discount code “DRENU17” on your order page to get a 10% discount as a participant of the conference. Posters printed by UTposter will be delivered directly to Bahen Centre of Information Technology (BA) for you to pick up at the registration desk from 8:00-9:00 am on August 15th. There will be an option on the online order page, to pick up at the store if you so choose. Payment options are with either cash or lab (not personal) credit card when you pick up your poster. Please refer to their website, http://utposter.com/ or contact order@utposter.com.