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  • Must be using U of T APSC resources:
    • Under supervision of a U of T APSC faculty member
    • Funded by U of T APSC faculty
  • Does not have to be an engineering student
  • Does not have to be a UofT student

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Abstract Rubrics

Design: The project is to design a system/apparatus to achieve a purpose and fill in a gap/missing requirement in your field. The project has clear objectives and quantifiable metrics to measure how well the design meets the objectives and fulfills the purpose. The emphasis of the project is on how well the design fills the gap and/or presents a solution.

Non-Design: The project is to explore and/or validate a new concept/hypothesis with purpose of filling in a gap and/or providing new evidence/explanation to a poorly understood phenomenon or an undetermined theory in your field. The project has a clear purpose or hypothesis to be achieved or verified by following a complete set of experimental protocol. The emphasis of the project is to investigate the implications of the obtained results to support/disprove and explain a concept/theory in your field.

Note1: We will be receiving many applications from a variety of disciplines which will be reviewed in a short period of time. The rubrics have been designed to ensure fair and objective marking applicable to various disciplines/fields. We highly recommend tailoring your abstracts to fit the criteria provided by the rubrics to increase the chances of being accepted.

Note2: We are aware that certain projects may fit the description in both design and non-design categories. Please do your best to choose one category and tailor your abstract to the rubrics of that category.

Note3: We are aware that not all your experiments will have complete or conclusive evidence yet. Accordingly, the points allocated for presenting results have been reduced. We do however expect you to show any available/expected results from your work and discuss its potential and implications.

Note4: Limit is 250 words


Materials Science , Mining, Civil, Environmental, Chemical, Biomaterials, Bioelectical, Bio-other, Mechanical, Aero, Industrial, Process, Electrical, Computer Science, Software, Physics

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