Mission and Vision


  • To promote undergraduate research by providing students an opportunity to creatively showcase their research achievements to engage the public



  • Inspire high school students interested in STEM to explore research opportunities and Engineering and Science programmes at UofT

Why Make a Video?

  • Videos are a way of reaching a much wider audience than posters or oral presentations
  • You need to express creativity to capture the essence and importance of your research within a short 90 second video.
  • You can inspire high school students who might be interested in joining UofT, and wider public to get them aware and interested in your research.


  • Any undergraduate student doing summer research in Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (FASE).
  • Any UofT undergraduate student doing summer research in an engineering-related field in another university

Video Submission Rules

  • Individuals or teams of up to five (5) may submit a video
  • Video submissions must be submitted to (https://mymedia.library.utoronto.ca). 
  • Submission must be between sixty-ninety (60-90) seconds in length. 
  • After uploading, save direct URL link of video and include that in the Competition Entry Form.

Important Dates


1.August 14, 2017 (12:00 PM  Eastern Time)

Closing date for electronic submission of video entry and completed contest entry form

2.August 15th, 2017 (6:00 PM Eastern Time)

Final winners will be announced, and will claim his/her prize at the closing ceremony of the conference

3.Fall 2017

Final winners announced and videos posted on social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube)

Copyright and Terms of Use

  • Ensure that proper attribution is given and that the video does not contain private or confidential information.
  • All team members must consent to the competition terms  of use on entry form.

Judging Criteria & Panel

  • 30% Clarity
  • 30% Creativity
  • 30% Persuasiveness (communicating the impact)
  • 10% Production


  • Judging Panel will comprise of a representative from each engineering department

Judging Rubric


Excellent (x3)

Good (x2)

Unsatisfactory (x1)

Clarity (30%):

·The wider context, gap and central purpose of the research are clear and strongly connected.

·Key method(s) stated clearly and fundamental principle(s) explained in a clear and simple manner.

·Viewer is left with strong high-level understanding of the research

Persuasiveness (30%):

·Importance of the research established through detailed and concise linking arguments.

·Viewer will remember the video and be interested in learning more about the research.

Creativity (30%):

·Uses storytelling methods and video techniques to explain research in an interesting and original way

Production (10%):

·Smooth Transitions and edits. Sound is expertly balanced and easy to hear. Sound and visual elements compatible with purpose